Sedona Sacred Rocks

 A Metaphysical B&B


Welcome! We hope you come join us in the beauty of Sedona soon!

Welcome! We hope you come join us in the beauty of Sedona soon!

     Sedona Sacred Rocks, a Metaphysical B&B, which was formerly a Buddhist Retreat Center, rests on two secluded Red Rock acres adjoining two thousand acres of the Coconino National forest. We are a simplified version of a Bed-n-breakfast where a simple continental breakfast is provided in your room.  We are conveniently located only 7 minutes from downtown West Sedona.  Our simple, relaxed, yet comfortable accommodations meet the needs of many of today's travelers who want cozy, meaningful, natural surroundings and has an underlying essence of the mystical. For the last 5 years running, we have been Sedona's most frequented Airbnb with the most stellar reviews. Just read some of the testimonials and your interest will be piqued! We hope you join us and allow us to share our version of the Magical energies and gorgeous beauty of Sedona.

Connect to Nature, Personal growth, authenticity and the Beauty in Life... and the power within the Heart, our connection to Spirit

      Your hostess, Meaghan, recently dreamed Sedona Sacred Rocks into reality to share her home with guests and to facilitate healing using her intuitive gifts.  Her talents are in the realms of:

~ Horse Medicine and Horse Wisdom ~

~ Daily Spiritual Practices ~ 

~ Pranic Energy Healing ~


  Meaghan realized that her horses had been medicine for her throughout her whole life, especially through her personal challenges and wanted to be of service to those who needed their magic and healing Spirit. She also discovered Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing in 2006 and experienced healing on such a profound level that it completely changed her life and she now is devoted to sharing this advanced energy healing technique with the world. 

  She does travel quite a bit to see her family and share Pranic Energy Healing with the world so catching her while she is at home is a treat! Be sure to make your appointments ahead of time.  

Weekly Ceremony and Meditation Schedule:

Mondays: 7pm Animal Medicine Journey

Wednesdays: 7pm Crystal Chakra Bowl Sound Healing

Fridays: 6pm Twin Hearts Meditation

By Request: New and Full Moon Ceremonies; Medicine Wheel Ceremony; Stupa Prayers/Chanting

(Please RSVP…all are by love donation—$10-$20; Open to guests and the public)

Recent Pranic Healing Testimonials:

“My name is Diego B. and I am a 32 year old from Baltimore, Maryland.
In May, 2016 I got sick with flu-like symptoms and doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. In the following weeks, my symptoms evolved and were all over the map: insomnia, light sensitivity, hot/cold sensitivity, fatigue, digestive issues, alcohol intolerance, muscle twitching, anxiety attacks, brain fog, confusion, cognitive issues, difficulty with balance. I was forced to quit my job, sell my house, stop all physical and social activities. My life - as i had known it- had ended.
16 months, 14 doctors and thousands of dollars later, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and a host of other tick-related infections.
I started antibiotic treatment in August 2017. By this time, I was living at my mother's house in the suburbs of Baltimore, unemployed, depressed and experiencing every symptom under the sun. I decided I needed to get away from everything and take some time to heal. I packed my car up with the essentials and started driving west.
I randomly arrived at Sedona Sacred Rocks on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of Septmember.
I had been driving for several hours and was not feeling well.
Rick (one of the managers) showed me around the property and I shared my story with him.
That same night, he invited me to join Meaghan's Crystal Chakra Bowl and drum Sound Healing session in which she incorporated Pranic Healing.
Up until this moment in my life, I had never heard of spirituality, Pranic Healing or crystal healings.
I was thinking everything was very strange but I had tried EVERYTHING in the last year and a half in order to feel better and figured I would give this a shot, also.
Other than being relaxed and experiencing unusual vibrations going through my body, I did not think much of the healing session. I went to bed feeling the same as I had been feeling all day.
When I woke up the next morning, however, I realized I had slept a full night's sleep which had not occurred in a year and a half! I hopped out of bed and realized I had no symptoms. I couldn't believe it! That day I went on several hikes around Sedona feeling super energized and like my old self.
When I got back to the ranch, I told Meaghan the astounding results from the previous night's Sound Healing session and decided to extend my stay there so I could take advantage of her healing powers.
I stayed at Sedona Sacred Rocks for almost three months while receiving one-on-one Pranic Healing from Meaghan while still taking antibiotics.
Within days of working with her, almost all my symptoms - which had persisted for over a year - disappeared.
Without a doubt, Meaghan was the biggest facilitator to my recovery. To this day, the symptoms she helped me heal have not come back.
I am still fighting with the use of herbal tinctures to address a bit of brain fog and alcohol sensitivity.”

--Diego B., Baltimore, MD

Here is a testimonial of a guest who stayed with us via Airbnb and then came back again for our retreat package...

"I stayed at Sedona Sacred Rocks in February for a week long spiritual retreat that Meaghan and Rick hosted. It was my second time staying there and the reason I went back is because I wanted once again to experience the love and spirituality that was so obvious during my first visit. The retreat was every thing that I had expected and more. I came away a changed person and it was the most profound experience of my life. For a week I was surrounded with unconditional love and healing. The work with the horses was mystical, the hikes got me in touch with the power of our ancestors which is so obviously there if one chooses to listen, the ceremonies, the crystal chakra was amazing. And as a delightful plus, I made life long friendships with people that started out as strangers. Meaghan and Rick walk their talk. If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and partake of the magic they offer. I myself will now be a regular visitor."

--Luth H., Astoria, OR

Another testimonial from a guest who stayed with us in May, 2017. Here are his words sent to Meaghan after a Pranic Healing Session and Ceremony during his stay:

"...Now that some time has passed since my visit, I wanted to report back and let you know how well the healing of my shoulder is proceeding! It was extremely inflamed upon my arrival, as it has been for a long time, but on the day I left I felt that easing, and the healing has continued to manifest in my life steadily. After letting a certain period of time pass I was able to resume my yogic work and interact with the shoulder in a way that simply seemed "closed" before my Pranic Healing treatment at your place. Things are feeling really, really good now, and improving fast. Blessings and thanks!"

~Ed D., Ann Arbor, MI


Welcome to Sedona Sacred Rocks! 


Meaghan and her horses

Sedona Sacred Rocks, A Metaphysical BnB...come experience the beauty and healing of Sedona, Horse Medicine, Pranic Healing, Traditional Ceremony, Jeep Tours and more! The horses and I are looking forward to sharing this amazing place with you...see ya'll soon!








Feel free to give us a call and we can help you create your ultimate Sedona Experience Retreat Package...928/963-4590

Ceremonies with Adam Yellowbird and the Elders:

Traditional Ceremonies are available upon request: Fire Purification, Blessing of the Waters, Digital Detox with the Earth & Sacred Council of the Air Elements. Please contact Adam directly for any questions about Ceremony with the Elders. Wopila!!

Available upon request and must give ample notice--Our beloved relatives who are Indigenous Medicine People (Lakota, Hopi, Navajo) Perform Traditional Ceremony and Spiritual Traditional Teachings in which we can arrange. Must inquire in advance, ceremonies are off-campus. See Adam Yellowbird's website below.