A BNB Unlike Any Other

Discover The
Magic Of Sedona Sacred Rocks

A beautiful, meaningful sanctuary to relax, unplug, be in nature and be wowed by the stars at night!

We are a simplified version of a Bed-n-Breakfast and conveniently located only 7 minutes from downtown West Sedona. Our relaxed accommodations meet the needs of many of today’s travelers, yet has an underlying essence of the mystical. For the last 5 years running, we have been Sedona’s most frequented Airbnb with the most stellar reviews. Just read some of the testimonials and your interest will be piqued! We hope you join us and allow us to share our version of the magical energies and gorgeous beauty of Sedona.

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Escape, Heal, And Relax.

Take A Break from the world and return to center.

sedona retreat

In what condition is your body, mind and Spirit? Are you happy, full of energy and in an optimal state physically, emotionally and mentally? How long have you been suffering from: physical pain, dis-ease, stress, depression, fear, addiction, anxiety or past traumas?

When people come here, transformation happens every single day with our team of Pranic Healers and the Magic of our Horses intertwined with the powerful forces of nature in Sedona.

Return to that fulfilled place of inner peace, growth, love, joy and be among the many who are astounded by the results!
Your hostess, Meaghan, dreamed Sedona Sacred Rocks into reality to help you find deep inner healing through:

  • Horse Medicine and Horse Wisdom
  • MCKS Pranic Healing
    Daily Meditation
  • Coming soon! Horse Divination Workshops and Online Mastermind Courses!

Unique Experiences: We offer Pranic Healing, beautiful Horse Medicine sessions, Trail Riding, Sound Healing, Sacred Land Journeys and much more...

Meaghan recognized that the horses in her life were healing her throughout life stages, so she created her own unique system blending their magic and healing Spirit with a Higher Soul connection to heal trauma, family systemic patterns, Spiritual challenges, even physical ailments.

She also discovered Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing in 2006 and experienced healing on such a profound level that it completely changed her life and she now is devoted to sharing this advanced energy healing technique with the world.

She does travel quite a bit to see her family and share Pranic Healing with the world so catching her while she is at home is a treat! Be sure to make your appointments ahead of time.

Daily Meditations in the Temple Room, Tipi and on our beautiful property:

(Please RSVP…by love donation, $30 per person, except for Tue., Wed. and Sat.)

Monday 7pm Fire Purification Ceremony by the fire in the Tipi
Tuesday No meditations at this time
Wednesday 7pm Crystal Chakra Bowl Sound Healing with Meaghan
Thursday Medicine Wheel Ceremony at Sunset
Friday 6pm Meditation on Twin Hearts
Saturday Sound Healing & Healing Meditation w/ Meaghan
Sunday 6pm Introduction to Pranic Healing & Meditation on Twin Hearts w/ Meaghan
By Request Medicine Wheel, New and Full Moon Ceremonies, Birthday and ‘special occasion’ ceremonies also available by request 🙂
Ask About Our Medicine Wheel & Drumming at Sacred Mountain Ceremonies

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Why Sedona Sacred Rocks?


One Of A Kind Place

We have a unique property at Sedona Sacred Rocks. Inviting, relaxing, warm, and healing.


Many Activities

We have many activities to enhance your stay right on the property.


Local Knowledge

We can help you create your ultimate Sedona Experience Retreat Package!

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what our happy guests have to say

My clients, through these horses, Pranic Healing and the energies of Sedona, are experiencing healing in a very meaningful, deep, yet unique way. At times there are tears, sometimes major aha moments and sometimes it’s actually fun as you see an aspect of yourself or family through the horse guided by your Higher Soul. It’s like an active meditation, a dose of horse wisdom and the forces of nature all blended into one.