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     Are you having health problems, stress, or anxiety and need a reset? SSR is a beautiful, meaningful, healing sanctuary to: restore, heal, unplug, connect with nature and just BE in the surrounding Red Rock forestry, the Coconino National Forest, with highly experienced healers. Experience the healing magic of our horses, plus be wowed by the stars at night!

     Sedona Sacred Rocks, A Metaphysical BnB is one of Sedona’s “best places to stay”, conveniently located only 7 minutes from downtown West Sedona.

Our relaxed and private ‘retreat’ meets the needs of many of today’s travelers, with an underlying essence of the ‘mystical’.

For over 8 years, we have been Sedona’s most frequented Airbnb and Retreat Center with the most stellar reviews and as one of Sedona’s top places to hold your own private (or group up to 12+) for a personalized retreat with access to Meaghan and her assistant facilitators for:


Join us for our Retreat series, “Restore Your Soul in Sedona” …our next 4 day retreat, August 18-22 & August 25-29, 2022! Click “Retreats” above to sign up today!

We hope you join us for an amazing stay. While you’re here, we encourage you to indulge in healing with Meaghan, with either a Pranic Healing session or a Horse Divination session with her beautiful horses among the magnificence of Sedona… Just go to the dropdown menu above to see the descriptions of what we offer, you won’t be disappointed!

With Love From our Family to yours..

(pictured here) Ali Sun, Violeta, “Cece,” Meaghan and Regina…our Family of Medicine Women

…See you soon!

Contact us to reserve the entire Facility for Private Sedona Retreats

Escape, Heal, And Relax.

...and gain tools to create a daily practice to return tO CENTER and BE AT YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST!

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Restore with Your Own Private Sedona Retreat

     Do you suffer from physical, mental or emotional pain? Are you happy, full of energy and in an optimal state? 

     People’s lives are being transformed every day here with Master Choa Kok Sui’s  Pranic Healing, the Magic of our Horses intertwined with the powerful forces of nature. Just think of us as your own private Sedona retreat! Or join us in our quarterly Retreat Series, “Restore Your Soul in Sedona”

     We can help you return to that fulfilled place of inner peace, love and joy and be among the many who are astounded by the results!

     We also co-host and facilitate many retreats throughout the year so check out our upcoming retreat schedule!

Your hostess, Meaghan, dreamed Sedona Sacred Rocks into reality to help you find deep inner healing through:

~Horse Medicine and Higher Soul Wisdom called, ‘Horse Divination’

~MCKS Pranic Healing Sessions (1/2 Hour or Full Hour  sessions available)

~Free Pranic Healing events: Introduction to Pranic Healing classes and Pranic Healing Clinics 

~Ancient Ceremonies/Purification by the Elements

~Deepening your connection to Nature and Sacred Sites with a ‘Sacred Land Journey’ w/Meaghan 

Healing Sessions: We offer MCKS Pranic Healing, beautiful Horse Divination sessions, Sound Healing, Sacred Land Journeys with Meaghan and much more...

Meaghan recognized that the horses in her life were helping  her grow and heal throughout her various  life stages. When she created this beautiful sanctuary, she then also created her own unique healing system blending their magic and healing Spirit with Higher Soul connection, Pranic Healing, Family Constellation techniques and certain powerful meditations to help her clients heal trauma, family systemic patterns, emotional healing, Spiritual healing, even to heal physical ailments. And for over 8 years, her clients have benefitted greatly and their lives transformed with these powerful sessions with her horses. 

She also discovered Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing in 2006 and experienced healing on such a profound level that it completely changed her life and she now is devoted to sharing this ancient advanced energy healing system with the world.

She does travel quite a bit to see her family and share Pranic Healing and her Horse Medicine with the world so catching her while she is at home is a treat! Be sure to make your appointments ahead of time (at least 48 hrs in advance, please:).

Most Tuesdays (Please inquire:) 7-8:15pm Introduction to Pranic Healing (sign up @pranichealing.com)
Most Sundays 5 - 6:30 PM FREE Pranic Healing Clinic (Sign up @pranichealing.com)

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Why Sedona Sacred Rocks?


One Of A Kind Private Sedona Retreat

We have a unique property at Sedona Sacred Rocks. Inviting, relaxing, warm, and healing.


Many Activities

We have many activities to enhance your stay right on the property.


Local Knowledge

We can help you create your ultimate private Sedona Experience Retreat Package or rent the entire lodge for your own private group retreat!

Add More Fun To Your Visit with Our Offerings!

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