we restore people Body mind and spirit

Sedona Sacred Rocks, a Metaphysical B&B and private retreat, which was formerly a Buddhist Retreat Center, rests on two secluded Red Rock acres adjoining two thousand acres of the Coconino National forest. 

Everyone is suffering in some way:  do you have physical pain or dis-ease, stress, depression, fear, irritability or anxiety? 

In our own healing processes, we have discovered the most powerful techniques that healed our ailments and now, we share it and so many miracles are happening every single day with our team of Pranic Healers, Medicine Women and the magic of our horses intertwined with the powerful forces of nature here in Sedona.

We are here to help you heal

A Private Retreat Featuring Special Tours, Healing & Ceremony
In the heart of the red rocks

Our Mission… to bring Peace and Inner Healing back into your life!

This Is Our Passion

Return to that place within you of inner peace, growth, love, joy and be among the many who are astounded by the results! Here’s a testimonial from a recent client and guest of Meaghan’s.

A Place to Heal, Learn and Grow with Powerful Spiritual Teachings from a Master

This special place is a peaceful and beautiful secluded retreat for travelers, seekers, Spiritual and non-Spiritual tourists. We are a Metaphysical Bnb, in the heart of Sedona that provides private and group sessions and retreats for our guests with the healing gifts of Horse Medicine and Wisdom, the Teachings of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing, the Powerful Healing of Sound, Meditation, Traditional Native Ceremonies and Songs, connection to Mother Earth and the beauty in Life and that of within.

Horse Medicine. Great People. Beautiful Sedona.

Meet The Owner

Meaghan McCue

Previously a successful professional trainer and rider of Hunter and Jumper show horses for twenty plus years, Meaghan recently became a mother to two wonderful boys, Zacciah and Xavier. Her life then changed dramatically as she realized that she wanted to help create a better world for herself, her children and future generations. As she looked at her life and her own process through personal challenges, she recognized that her horses had been medicine for her soul growth throughout her childhood, adolescence and adulthood on many levels.

A realization occurred within her saying, “Who would I be had I not had my horses in my life and stumbled upon GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing?” Meaghan then took all of her gifts as a Mother, a horse trainer, an intuitive and an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and combined them to help those that want to find wholeness and healing and to learn to live authentically, healthfully and in their Hearts. She currently practices at her Metaphysical Bnb, “Sedona Sacred Rocks”–its quiet natural setting in the high mountain forestry of Sedona and the Ancestors who still reside there, inspire her on a daily basis to share her knowledge, daily Spiritual practices and life experiences with her guests and clients.

For further information on Meaghan McCue see her on Instagram, or Sedona Sacred Rocks Instagram, LinkedIn profile or like her page on Facebook, Sedona Sacred Rocks.

She specializes in Pranic Healing, Horse Medicine, Ceremonies, Sound Healing, and Meditation. In many cases, her horses act as her assistants and guides to create transformation for each individual’s personal journey. Meaghan enjoys sharing the powerful Teachings and Meditations of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, especially Meditation on Twin Hearts. Her belief and personal experience is that when practiced regularly, this particular meditation powerfully enhances mental, physical, emotional health–even prosperity and strengthens the connection with our Earth Mother, the Divine and who we truly are.