Daily Meditations/Ceremonies/Free Videos

$30 per person per Ceremony/Meditation: 

…Proceeds are paid forward to: Feeding America, Verde Valley Sanctuary Shelter for Women and Children, Believe Ranch and Rescue Horse Rescue, Sedona Sacred Rocks Horses, Operation Underground Railroad-funding for stopping Human Trafficking, Pranic Healing and more! 🙂  

Monday 7pm (March 20 thru Sept 20)--5pm (Sept 21-March 19) Fire Ceremony
Tuesday No meditations at this time
Wednesday 7:30pm Crystal Chakra Bowl Sound Healing with Meaghan:
Thursday 5pm Medicine Wheel Ceremony at Sunset
Friday 6pm Meditation on Twin Hearts;
8pm Sound Healing Meditation
Saturday 5:30am Sunrise Hike with Emily (see below) & 6pm Sound Healing w/ Meaghan
Sunday 6pm Introduction to Pranic Healing w/ Meaghan
By Request Medicine Wheel, New and Full Moon Ceremonies, Birthday and ‘special occasion’ ceremonies also available by request 🙂
Ask About Our Sacred land Journeys & Ceremonies

Fire Purification Ceremony 7pm (March 20-Sept 20 and 5pm Sept 21-March19) every Monday night: (Weather permitting) This is a ceremony where we remove/cleanse out old negative emotions and thoughts, cords and any negative or inhibiting energies from the chakras and bodies which is very freeing and brings inner peace and more joy into our minds and lives. We then bless the Entire Earth, every person, every being with Divine Lovingkindness…Highly recommend!

Sound Healing: Wed. 7:30pm, Friday 8pm and Sat. 6pm: Through the Crystal Chakra Bowls and singing traditional Native songs with her Drum, Meaghan invokes Divine Blessings and utilizes the principles of Pranic Healing through the bowls. Group healing session. 

Medicine Wheel Ceremony 5pm @ Sunset each Thursday: A beautiful ceremony where we bless all 7 Directions (the 4 Cardinal directions, Mother Earth, Great Spirit/Grandfather Sky, and ourselves) with peace, love and harmony and goodwill.  An ancient practice brought to us by our Native American brothers and sisters, facilitated by Meaghan who has lineage in the Algonquin and Ojibwe tribesMeditation on Twin Hearts, 6pm Fridays: Bless the Earth, every person, every Being with the Prayer of St. Francis. Receive deep cleansing of the aura and chakras while generating peace, healing, calm and positive karma with this meditation for illumination and Divine Oneness. Very powerful practice that is literally life changing on many levels!MIntroduction to Pranic Healing/Meditation 6pm Sundays: …Learn about the Pranic Healing system and an incredible human being who brought these ancient and priceless Teachings to the modern world, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.

Sunrise Hike w/ Emily: (2+ hrs) Many folks are traveling alone and would like a hiking buddy and/or to go exploring in the beautiful Coconino National Forest behind our Lodge. Here’s a way to see the land safely, right out your back door where it’s pure nature, Red Rock Forestry and a guide! $40 per person…text Emily to RSVP :)…716/473-9762…to pay, send via donation to the horses with description at bottom of this page or via Airbnb send money to host. 🙂 Thank you and have fun!


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