Checking In…

Welcome to Sedona Sacred Rocks, a Metaphysical B&B

Below are your detailed directions to our place, self check-in and House Rules…

Arriving at Sedona Sacred Rocks:

Check-in is from 3-10pm all units are self check in.
Please feel at home and let yourselves in. All units are labeled with a sign and your check in instructions are on your Airbnb app. Please, no arrivals past 10pm if at all possibe. Thank you so much 🙂
Please be sure to check which unit you are in via your itinerary/confirmation page on Airbnb as we have 7 rental units.

Directions to our units: (all have a sign by the entrance)

the Roost:

It is up the stairs by the main entrance (if you see the waterfall, you’re in the right place.) It has a door code: 9192, but it will most likely be unlocked for you when you arrive.

the Mountain Lion:

This unit is in the Main Lodge. Go in the front door (please take off your shoes:) by the waterfall and turn immediately to your left, it is down at the end of the hall. Keys are in the door lock.

The Deer Suite:

This unit is in the Main Lodge. Go in the front door (please take off your shoes) by the waterfall and turn immediately to your left, it is in the middle of the hallway on your right.

The Tiny Home:

As you pull up in the driveway, it will be straight ahead of you as you come into the turn in the driveway. It has a rock sign that says, “Welcome to the Tiny Home”. Please take off your shoes before entering. Your keys are in the unit.

The Hogan: 

Come on into the main entrance door, (please take off your shoes) while in the main Lodge…please note that our shared full bathroom is inside the door straight ahead, labeled with a sign. to get to the Hogan, go outside through the sliding glass door which is directly across the room. Grab a flashlight on old table if needed when dark and proceed through the back yard and patios. You’ll walk out past the the sitting areas all the way back to smaller outbuilding (not the guest house on your right, though, Violeta lives there). Go through the fairy arches and it is the octagon shaped structure and is labeled with a sign “the Hogan”. Key code is 7968.

Checking Out

Check Out: 11:00 a.m.
Please leave your keys in the unit and let us know if you had any concerns about any details about the unit so that we can continue to improve our service. Otherwise, safe travels and hope to see you again soon! 🙂

House Rules

We Kindly Ask That All Guests Please:


Be respectful & responsible

We are a responsible alcohol consumption (light alcohol consumption, only) facility and respectful tobacco smoking is allowed outside. Pets are allowed with a one time pet fee of $40 and please clean up after them and keep them on a leash–in general, practice responsible dog ownership…please pay pet fee by clicking link at bottom of this page. 🙂 Thank you!


Clean up after yourselves and treat our home as kindly as you would your own

Remove your shoes while indoors. If you use the grill, kindly clean it and the eating/patio area outside; wash your dishes in your sink in your unit and clean up any messes that may have occurred before you check out; if you move outside furniture, please put it back, etc. We keep our cleaning fees as low as possible to keep our prices and costs down for our guests so we just ask for a little help in return.


Security Deposit

Please note: we are unique in that we do not charge a security deposit and would like to feel we can trust our guests. Please inform a member of our staff right away, if in the unfortunate instance in which something malfunctions or is broken during your stay.



If you need to empty your trash cans, our garbage cans are in the fenced in yard behind the hammock by the waterfall.


Please no arrivals past 10pm, if possible.

Check-in time is from 3pm – 10pm and check-out is at 11am. We have a self check-in policy and the information to find your room is on your Airbnb app for check in instructions. Please adhere to our quiet hours which are 10pm-7am. Pets are allowed but please clean up after them!


Kitchen & Food

We do share our main kitchen (please keep clean for other guests) and your room is equipped with a toaster, coffee maker, mini fridge and dinnerware, oatmeal, coffee and tea for your convenience for very minimal food preparation.


Horses & Animals

Exercise caution around the horse’s fence as parts of it are electrified. Do not enter the horse corral without one of us. You may pet the horses but do be aware they have teeth…Big ones! (They typically are not biters but may mistake your fingers for treats.) PLEASE DO NOT FEED ANY OF OUR ANIMALS (especially human food) as they will get very sick!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for choosing Sedona Sacred Rocks! We really appreciate you staying with us!

As the keepers of this sacred land, we kindly ask request that you ask Meaghan or her assistants before entering the Tipi, as these are sacred healing spaces and must be entered in a proper, respectful way. To learn more about these sacred healing spaces and how to enter them with respect, please ask one of us. The Ancestors who still reside here thank you kindly.

Help us conserve energy and water:

Thank you! We truly appreciate you staying with us and for helping us keep our place clean and peaceful for everyone here!

Wopila Tanka… Chi-Miigwech… Slainte…Cead Mille Failte…Aloha….Aho Mitakuye Oyasin…Atma Namaste!!!