Zoom Link For meditations & ceremonies...ALSO MEAGHAN'S FREE MEDITATION VIDEOS


FIRE PURIFICATION CEREMONY @ 5pm AZ Time (Sept 21-March 20) 7pm (March 21-Sept 20)


-SOUND HEALING / Native Songs & Crystal Chakra Bowls @ 7:30pm AZ Time

–Meditation on twin hearts @ 6pm AZ Time; then @ 8pm Sound Healing 


-SOUND HEALING / Native Songs and Crystal Chakra Bowls @ 6pm AZ Time

Introduction to Pranic Healing or Free Pranic Healing Clinic w/ Meaghan @ 6pm AZ Time

 Click here for Meaghan’s FREE MEDITATION VIDEOS: 

Crystal Chakra Bowl Sound Healing: (put in headphones;) https://vimeo.com/549037134

Meaghan facilitating Ho’Opono Pono Meditation: https://youtu.be/6Fh0Gf-NqtU

Meaghan facilitating MCKS Forgiveness Techniquehttps://youtu.be/l4lamPa6XVs

Meaghan sharing The Great Invocation to bless the Earth and generate good karma: https://youtu.be/uVrex6S2JCw

Meaghan’s Information/video on Pranic Healing sessions: https://youtu.be/k32GsfmdIhQ

Tony Robbins Priming-a powerful way to start your day: https://youtu.be/faTGTgid8Uc

Master Stephen Co facilitating Meditation on Twin Hearts to bless the USA: https://youtu.be/s8cDkMb8ioM

Thank you for allowing us to bring these meditations to you to strengthen your Spiritual Practice and enhance all areas of your life with these priceless Teachings from a Great Spiritual Teacher!

…thank you for JOINING US for these regularly scheduled Sedona Sacred Rocks Ceremonies and Meditations! The Divine energies passing through our beloved Spiritual Teacher,  Grandmaster Choa blended with Sedona’s energies are very powerful—even via  Zoom.  ……we are bringing these offerings to everyone from the Heart of Sedona as people are needing more peace and healing at this time. This is a very powerful way to keep our minds and emotions clear and abundance focused.

With Love,

Meaghan and the Sedona Sacred Rocks Family and the Blessings of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

Other links to our Master’s offerings around the world …

Tony Robbins UPW  tonyrobbins.com 

Links to Meditations with Master Stephen Co:

“Anchor the Light” with Master Stephen Co, Plus, Esoteric Teachings, MCKS’s Forgiveness Technique:



Links to Meditations with Master Hector:

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Link for Master Glenn and Master Marilag:

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"Light, Love, Power and Clarity come from a strong spiritual connection." ~Master Choa Kok Sui