Horses as Healers Retreat - November 12-18

Experience the healing of a lifetime!


Retreat Tickets - $799

Horses as Healers – A Sedona Healing Event with Meaghan McCue
Return to that fulfilled place of inner peace, growth, love, joy and be among the many who are astounded by the results!
MCKS Pranic Healing, Healing with horses & Meditation
In what condition is your body, mind and Spirit? 
Are you happy, full of energy and in an optimal state physically, emotionally and mentally? 
How long have you been suffering from: physical pain, dis-ease, stress, depression, fear, addiction, anxiety or past traumas?
When people come here, miracles happen every single day with our team of Pranic Healers and the Magic of our Horses intertwined with the powerful forces of nature in Sedona.      
Find deep inner healing through:
~ Horse Medicine and Horse Wisdom~
~ MCKS Pranic Healing ~
~ Daily Meditation~ 
Tickets Include

Connect with the spirit of the horse and transformative energies of this sacred Sedona land. 

Retreat Itinerary  (Tuesday, Nov. 12 @ 1pm  –  Friday, Nov. 15 @ 11am)
Tuesday Night:
7 pm – Fire Ceremony in the Tipi—Introduction to the horses and each other
7 am – Breakfast
8 am – Morning Medicine Wheel—Horse Meditation/mini-private Horse Divination Sessions
1 pm – Lunch
2 pm – Hike to a secret place—Sunset Meditation on Twin Hearts with the horses
Free dinner time**
7 am – Breakfast
8 am – Choice of a Pranic Healing session or Trail Ride Horse Alchemy
1 pm – Lunch
Free time
3 pm – Group Horse Divination
Free dinner time**
7 am – Breakfast
8am – Closing gratitude ceremony with the Horses – Group exercise to talk about our successes and ‘aha’ moments
**We can all go out to dinner together, or decide on your own where to go— or there is a full kitchen available for you to use.
Truly an event filled with personal and deep connection with your higher soul.