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A month of Healing immersion with Pranic Healing

Transform your life with 12 Pranic Healing session (can mix in a few Horse Divination sessions if you wish) and learn powerful tools to bring you back to that happy, healthy state of being….a truly powerful month investing in your Soul Growth, health and transformation.  12 sessions, 3 one hour sessions per week immersion. Full price = $3,600 ($300 per one hour private session x 12) your package price of 12 sessions=$2,595… $1,000 savings!


A month of Healing immersion with Pranic Healing

***Cancellation policy: Once an appointment/session has been scheduled, and you need to reschedule your appointment you can do so up until 24-hours before our scheduled appointment. After that time period, a new purchase is required.

***Room Cancellation Policy: See your listing for further details.