Couples Horse Divination-Relationship Healing

Receive guidance, healing and inner Divine connection with the horse of your choice. Has been proven to be very powerful in healing all types of relationships on many levels: mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Couples Horse Divination-Relationship Healing


Receive guidance, healing and inner Divine connection with the horse of your choice–however, sometimes, they choose you!  Utilizing the horse of your choice, their Higher Soul, your Higher Soul, the Irish Spirit Wheel, concepts of Family Constellation, and symbols, you can further connect with who you really are and access your core issues that are keeping you in a disempowered state of Being. A very powerful way to go deep in your transformational process in a safe, beautiful and unique way.  Horses have an incredibly large heart and third eye in which they can assist those in need of awareness and healing love.  Plus, their four feet on the ground create a powerful downward, grounding and transmuting element which you can feel and use to help release past pain physical, mental and emotional in nature.  Meaghan and her facilitators also use Pranic Healing to help cleanse out any blocked energy in your system. Come see what this groundbreaking technique is all about.

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