Restore Your Soul in Sedona Retreat Series

Sept 27-30, 2021& Oct 1-4, 2021 We. Are. One __/|\__During these challenging times where we are cooped up in our homes or in lockdown, I thought it would serve many to get us out on Sacred Land, be with the powerful magic of horses, Native Traditional Teachings, and just be together and share meaningful, fun moments! In this Retreat you will experience  powerful energy healing tools such as Pranic Healing, Horse Divination/Horse Medicine, Purification by Fire, Medicine Wheel Ceremony, Sound Healing and Sacred Land connection that has changed my life and the lives of so many…these Soul Restoring tools have a cleansing effect on the energy body/the Soul, as we purify and cleanse our auras and energize them with positive thoughts, emotions and energy–so does our Outer World change! We also achieve greater inner peace, clarity and a direct connection to our Higher Soul for guidance and Soul Purpose.@ SEDONA SACRED ROCKS, A Metaphysical BnB!–(with Social Distancing and Masks as needed):Vegetarian Breakfast and lunch provided; Dinners out together or on our ownShared rooms: we have space for 13 participants, first come, first serve for choice of accommodationsRetreat begins Monday/Friday night, at 7pm and ends Thursday/Monday 10am..check-out is 10am Monday the 23rdCost: $750 per person: (includes all accommodations, breakfast and lunch, all Group Healings & Ceremonies, transportation to secret Sacred Land spots, Group Horse Divination, and more!)Early bird pricing! If you pay in full by  June 1,2021 and reserve your spot, your cost is $100 off! ($650) Our Restore Your Soul in Sedona Retreat will begin @ 7pm Monday/Friday evening please arrive by 5pm if possible so we can start on time :)….Welcome all/ Fire Purification Ceremony in the Tipi:Fire Purification Ceremony:This is a ceremony where we remove/cleanse out old negative emotions and thoughts, cords and any negative or inhibiting energies from the chakras and bodies which is very freeing and brings inner peace, energy and more joy into our minds and lives.Schedule Each day:~we will begin with a hike and breakfast so be sure to  bring your hiking gear and boots;~then a healing activity with the horses and Meaghan then time for yourself in the afternoon after lunch;~dinner out or on your own;~and then wind down a beautiful and fun day with an evening healing ceremony or meditation with Meaghan and/or guest Healers. Here’s just a few details about what you will experience ;)….Sound Healing:  —Through the Crystal Chakra Bowls and singing traditional Native songs with her Drum, Meaghan invokes Divine Blessings and utilizes the principles of Pranic Healing through the bowls.Medicine Wheel Ceremony @ Sunrise out on Sacred Land:(Please be advised these are moderate to slightly difficult hikes to hidden Sacred sites–bring your hiking gear/boots)A beautiful ceremony where we bless all 7 Directions (the 4 Cardinal directions, Mother Earth, Great Spirit/Grandfather Sky, and ourselves) with peace, love and harmony and goodwill.  An ancient practice brought to us by our Native American brothers and sisters, facilitated by Meaghan who has lineage in the Algonquin and Ojibwe tribes. Meditation on Twin Hearts: Bless the Earth, every person, every Being with the Prayer of St. Francis. Receive deep cleansing of the aura and chakras while generating peace, healing, calm and positive karma with this meditation for illumination and Divine Oneness. Very powerful practice that is literally life changing on many levels!Group Horse Divination Sessions/Horse Alchemy: experience a connection to your Higher Soul through the Horse of your choice…a very powerful and unique way to heal your deepest issues in yourself, your relationships and your purpose. For Horse Alchemy, we will be painting the horses in beautiful meditative space! A true delight and treat for your Soul and that of the horse you choose as your canvas!See you soon, my friends! Let’s get together and share meaningful moments again!!! Missing my Spiritual Friends and Family so let’s have fun in Sedona together!!!With so much Love, Meaghan

With so much Love,


Restore Your Soul in Sedona Retreat Series


Join us for an experience your Soul will never forget…Sacred Land, meaningful healing moments with new friends, our magical horses, Spiritual healing and fun!

***Cancellation policy: Once an appointment/session has been scheduled, and you need to reschedule your appointment you can do so up until 24-hours before our scheduled appointment. After that time period, a new purchase is required.

***Room Cancellation Policy: See your listing for further details.