Sound Healing 4K Video Download

Video sound healing with Meaghan and her singing bowls.


Sound Healing 4K Video Download


This downloadable video in 4K is of Sedona Sacred Rocks founder and owner performing sound healing on her crystal bowls. Buy this video and watch it to create a sense of ease and peace in your life and bring in the healing energy of these magical instruments.

Ceremony & meditation schedule

Thursdays 8pm Crystal Chakra Bowl Sound Healing w/Meaghan or Regina
Fridays 6pm Meditation on Twin Hearts w/Meaghan
Saturdays 4pm Fire Purification Ceremony in the Tipi w/ Meaghan
By Request Medicine Wheel, Full Moon Ceremonies, Birthday and ‘special occasion’ ceremonies also available by request. See link Below
Ask About Our Sacred land Journeys & Ceremonies. See link Below

Various times (see for official schedule) this event is free! —Introduction to Pranic Healing/Meditation: …Learn about the Pranic Healing system and an incredible human being who brought these ancient and priceless Teachings to the modern world, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.

8pm THURSDAYS—Crystal Chakra Bowl Sound Healing w/Meaghan or Regina: Through the Crystal Chakra Bowls and singing traditional Native songs with her Drum, Meaghan invokes Divine Blessings and utilizes the principles of Pranic Healing through the bowls. Group healing session open to all guests and locals. 

6pm FRIDAYS—Meditation on Twin Hearts: Bless the Earth, every person, every Being with the Prayer of St. Francis. Receive deep cleansing of the aura and chakras while generating peace, healing, calm and positive karma with this meditation for illumination and Divine Oneness. Very powerful practice that is literally life changing on many levels!

6pm SATURDAYS—Fire Purification Ceremony in the Tipi: (Weather permitting) This is a ceremony where we remove/cleanse out old negative emotions and thoughts, cords and any negative or inhibiting energies from the chakras and bodies which is very freeing and brings inner peace and more joy into our minds and lives. We then bless the Entire Earth, every person, every being with Divine Lovingkindness…Highly recommend!

PRIVATE/GROUP CEREMONIES/Medicine Wheel Ceremony /Full Moon/Birthday/Special Occasion Ceremonies (BY REQUEST): 

Medicine Wheel: A beautiful ceremony where we bless all 7 Directions (the 4 Cardinal directions, Mother Earth, Great Spirit/Grandfather Sky, and ourselves) with peace, love and harmony and goodwill.  An ancient practice brought to us by our Native American brothers and sisters, facilitated by Meaghan who has lineage in the Algonquin and Ojibwe tribes. Also, please let us know if you missed our regularly scheduled ceremonies/meditations you can sign up for your very own private time with Meaghan (or Regina if Meaghan is out of town Teaching) 





***Cancellation policy: Once an appointment/session has been scheduled, and you need to reschedule your appointment you can do so up until 24-hours before our scheduled appointment. After that time period, a new purchase is required.

***Room Cancellation Policy: See your listing for further details.