Spiritual Mentorship-two weeks option

I have a new offering! Many of you have been asking for more! Here’s a quick video about my new Spiritual Mentorship and Healing Program to help you learn meditation, how to manage your thoughts and state of mind in order to be vibrant, happy, prosperous and healthy on all levels–also discover your Soul’s purpose with gaining a stronger connection to your Higher Soul. (please read full description below)

$600.00 $475.00

Spiritual Mentorship-two weeks option



Spiritual Mentorship Two Weeks per month Program:

In this program, I will share powerful tools that I have learned from Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s Esoteric Teachings, Master Stephen Co and Tony Robbins–that have produced huge results in my life, finances and relationships…especially helped me when times were really tough!
People who have been joining me for Pranic Healing sessions, daily meditations, ceremonies and have done this work with me have been wanting more which has inspired the creation of this Spiritual Mentorship Program! So thank you for your presence in my life and in my heart!  

Have you been missing in your life:
guidance, fulfillment, increased peace, joy and finances?
or an understanding of the deeper meaning of life that the Masters cultivate and nourish with these very powerful deeper Teachings?
Is there a yearning within you that wants to create a higher state of being, of living and giving to the world and those you love and what you love?
Do you crave a ‘cleaner’ life, to have more purity and vitality in your aura and energy field?
Or an 

increase in your awareness and your connection to your Higher Soul, that Bigger aspect of you? 

These Teachers, Inspirers and Masters are helping people around the world to cultivate and nurture their gifts in order to fulfill their Soul’s Spiritual Destiny. I have been very fortunate to have had a personal mentorship with Tony Robbins and Master Co, and I’d love to share how they have inspired me, helped me discover who I truly am and how I share it with the world at Sedona Sacred Rocks and with my guests and clients. I want to help you to let your Soul bloom in order to share your gifts with the world while at the same time making a prosperous living!

Each mentorship session provides personal healing and support for an hour per day for two weeks. 
Two week option, this is 14 trainings of 14+hours of personal mentoring for two weeks of each month …$475
(compared to full cost =$600).

***Cancellation policy: Once an appointment/session has been scheduled, and you need to reschedule your appointment you can do so up until 24-hours before our scheduled appointment. After that time period, a new purchase is required.

***Room Cancellation Policy: See your listing for further details.