So I met Meaghan at a horsemanship clinic, I'm kind of a rough and tumble cowgirl type and I would also categorize myself as a bit of a skeptic when it comes to things that are metaphysical. Now just so I don't sound totally closed off, I grew up in the Verde Valley, just 20 minutes outside of Sedona and I had some experiences with "psychics and mystics" that left me feeling underwhelmed and I guess you could say in a sense ripped off. I, however, would categorize myself as someone with an open heart, who believes that anything is possible. I just have always had two feet firmly planted on the ground. So anyway, I met Meaghan shortly after my mother passed away and after developing sort of a distant, online friendship, I came to learn of her passion as a Pranic Healer/Energy worker. And at one point, she opened her home and heart to me so that I could go for a session to help me cope with the grief of losing my mother. I agreed and I went and had the session, where I definitely felt some interesting sensations and I left feeling lighter, more open and free. In that moment the grief was less heavy and I felt more clear, which is the beginning steps to a path of healing from a dramatic loss. I didn't know at the time whether or not it was because I had a beautiful experience with a kind soul on a beautiful and peaceful property or if it was the energy work she had done that had made a difference. However, I recently connected again with her at our yearly horsemanship clinic and upon my arrival I had unfortunately thrown out my back the day before bucking hay bales (in true cowgirl fashion). Obviously, in my condition I was there simply to watch and not to ride. Meaghan saw me and said hello. Due to my state of practically needing a walker, she noticed my pain and distress and offered to work on me that evening when the clinic ended. And here's the real kicker! She stayed at the clinic location and I went home about two hours away. A few hours later I noticed the immediate subsiding of the pain (well, let's call it what it is--excruciating agony). Just about 15 minutes after the pain magically subsided, I get a message from her saying that she had worked on me and asking if I felt better--and I did!  Not just a little bit but about %75 better! Which to me was amazing but the story does not end there.  This morning, I had dropped my kids off at school, after having been able to put my boots on in under ten minutes for the first time in days. And while I was in the car, I started to feel this intense heat sensation at the point of my injury which was an SI problem.. Again, shortly thereafter, she messaged me and informed me that she had worked on me again--imagine my surprise.  Today, I walked around upright, with an even stride, and very minimal pain. It was nice not to have to eat Tylenol like TicTacs. Thank you so much, Meaghan, for everything. :)